Posted by: addictionstinks | September 8, 2014

Signing Off Forever

I’m done.
He relapsed yet AGAIN. Ten years of this bullshit is enough for me. He is in jail AGAIN, waiting for a bed in rehab AGAIN. I refuse to participate anymore.

I will not participate in his addiction anymore.
I will not participate in anything drug-related anymore. That includes this blog. Suffice it to say that he the rest of the story goes like this: He will relapse again and again and again and again, and then he dies – either by the hand of heroin or by his own hand due to the depression that the heroin causes.
The end.

Until never – Goodbye,
Pissed Off And Done Carol



  1. I am so sorry. Come and sit on Dr. M’s couch. Never ever say never….at some point hope will come by and take up residence in your heart and when it does I will be here waiting to hear from you. My J is also in jail but that is a whole other long story.

  2. I’m sorry. I have followed your blog since the beginning . My one son passed away 2 years ago at 22 from an overdose. My other son is in/out of rehab and in/out of jail. I know and feel your pain. A life I wish on no one including our children, who we love with all our hearts.

  3. Happy New Year my friend….I hope things are looking up.

  4. Praying things are looking up…

    • Hi Madyson! He is sober almost 8 months, continuing in the county drug court program. He spent a month in rehab and 6 months in a halfway house and now lives in an apartment with a roommate and his dog. He has his own little company making and selling flavored juice for e-cigarettes, and he is the manager of a vape shop that sells all of this e-cigarette stuff. God is good! But I never stop worrying! How is yours? Hope all is well! I’m sorry I haven’t checked in. I feel like every time I post anything I jinx everything and he relapses! I’m even hesitant to post this! Feel free to email me directly at I Would love to catch up!!

  5. Oh my goodness so glad to hear that!

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