Posted by: addictionstinks | July 3, 2014

Ran Into His Ex Girlfriend – All Pregnant

Due date = August 7th (that’s what she told me when I couldn’t pretend to not see her and just walk on by in the grocery store).
So that means she got pregnant around the second or third week of November. This is within DAYS of when J got back here. I’m really questioning the validity of her story that its not his. I think she just told him that so she wouldn’t have to hassle with him fighting her because she wants to give it up for adoption. I have NOT told J that I ran into her, and I don’t plan to.

Update on J = after walking out of rehab, going back to jail for several days and then living in the homeless shelter, he now has an apartment in the county that he is doing “drug court” out of. That’s the rule – he MUST live in that county. He goes to AA/NA meetings EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and goes to “group” 3 times a week and goes to individual counseling once a week. He is called in to pee at least 3 times a week at random times and has passed every test so far. He goes in front of the judge EVERY Friday for an update. He is currently on an ankle bracelet so they can GPS track him and is not allowed to go anywhere without permission and may not leave the county at all. He is hoping to get the ankle bracelet off next week. They have decided that he does NOT need to go back to inpatient rehab because he is doing everything right. Pray that this continues please!



  1. Drug court literally saved my son’s life and put him on the path to recovery. It has been close to two years now and he is still doing well. He will be on probation an additional three years after this and I am so grateful to God for that. He needed a big time intervention and that’s what the law gave him. I will be praying that progress continues for your son.

  2. Sounds really good….dare I say hopeful? Just keep expectations low and everything will be golden. I sound so jaded.

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