Posted by: addictionstinks | June 6, 2014

And……..Down The Rollercoaster

He is back in jail.

The stupid-head walked out of rehab.

Apparently there was this whole big thing going on and the counselors were mad because guys were playing Poker, and guys were going into each other’s rooms when they weren’t supposed to, and the guys all got yelled at and about a dozen of them walked out, including my son. Now, what REALLY makes me mad about this is he did NOTHING wrong. He wasn’t playing Poker, he wasn’t in anybody’s room when he wasn’t supposed to be. So why did he walk out??? Because everyone else was. Following the crowd. Gotta look cool and do what they do.

He of course shows up at MY HOUSE. And then the county is calling me looking for him because they issued a warrant. So yesterday I had the pleasure of driving my kid back to jail and handing him back over to them.

He DID drink while he was out – apparently with a bunch of friends while he was roaming around. He admitted that to me. He did NOT use any drugs. He admitted that he wanted to. He even messaged the guy that he used with before, but the guy had no way to get them to the city to pick up. He feels like he failed. I say he did not fail – he did NOT use. In the past, if that guy was unable to give him a ride, he would have stolen money from my purse and then stolen my car and gotten there himself. He did NOT take that last step – that “whatever it takes” step, so I call it a victory!

Court is today – we will find out what happens next. They will either (a) find him a new rehab to go to, (b) decide he can just go to the halfway house, which was the plan when he finished this rehab or (c) back to prison. I’m hoping its a or b, just because sending him back to prison does ZERO good – there is no rehab in prison.


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