Posted by: addictionstinks | January 31, 2014

I Almost Believed Him For A Second

Silly me.

I almost believed his BS story about parole finding ONE Vicodin in the back of the closet and him passing the pee test. His roommate stopped by this morning to talk to me. Turns out, he REFUSED the pee test because he would have failed it because he’s been smoking pot like every day. And as for the Vicodin – apparently J had a friend over the other night named Tim (I have no idea who he is), and he was bragging to his roommate about how stoned Tim got on pot and pills. I don’t know for sure if J was taking the pills or if what they found was Tim’s pill(s), but it doesn’t really even matter at this point. What DOES matter is that he is stupid, and took a chance again by smoking pot at the very least, and he now deserves to stay exactly where he is at, so I will NOT be even thinking about bailing him out anymore. In fact, I think I’m done to the point that I’m not going to have any communication with him. Already this morning the phone is ringing from the jail. I need to figure out how to block the number…


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