Posted by: addictionstinks | October 23, 2013

Two More Sleeps – A post for Madyson

Thank you for thinking of us Madyson! Yes, all is well. J is still incarcerated – he gets out this Friday, the 25th. So 2 more sleeps. Of course he will NOT be coming back to my house – he will be staying in southern Illinois with his friend. I did drive the 6 hours down there a couple of weeks ago to bring all of his possessions to Vince so J has them when he gets out, and I did go and visit J. That was the first time I had seen him since January. Long time… So prayers please!! For a successful “out” this time and for the rest of J’s life. That’s all we can do now is pray!

In other news, Patsy had her baby boy the other day – 6 weeks early. He is currently at Loyola Hospital in Chicago in the NICU where he will stay for the next month or so in order to grow a bit more. Patsy and I have stayed in touch and I hope it will always be that way.

Off to see what you guys been up to!




  1. I hope it is the beginning of a new and clean life for your J…praying fiercely for our children.

  2. Ditto what Madyson said! Keep us posted.

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