Posted by: addictionstinks | April 15, 2013

I Had The Weirdest Dream Last NIght

about my addict. Except he wasn’t actually in it. I was with a young girl – not even sure who it was. We were in a crowded room together, and this group of bad guys came in with guns. They told us all in the room that they were making a movie of some sort and that we all had to perform a song or something or they would shoot us dead! (Told ya it was weird). So one guy refused and they blasted him with a storm of bullets. So all these people in the room went up there, either individually or with their group and did some sort of performance. It came to my turn and I went up there all by myself and started singing,

“You are my sunshine,

my only sunshine,

you make me happy

when skies are gray”.

The main guy declared that I sucked and he was gonna shoot me! I told him, “My kids loved that song when they were small.” And then I told him, “Go ahead and shoot me. Its ok. My son is in prison because he’s an addict, and a criminal and a bad person, just like you. Go ahead and kill me – then his momma won’t have to live with the pain of having a criminal for a son anymore.”

Then I woke up. Bawling. I actually woke up crying, and had to go into the washroom and blow my nose and wipe my eyes and stop the tears. I couldn’t stop crying!

Ugh, I wish like hell they had SOME idea of what they do to us parents.



  1. But, sadly, they either do not, or don’t care.

  2. Do they ever – REALLY ?? : (. I’m sorry …

  3. If pain makes us stronger we should be invincible by now!

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