Posted by: addictionstinks | February 5, 2013

A Time For Peace

“As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Now that J is in jail (again), I have time to unclutter my life. Its a really good feeling. The chaos and firestorm he creates when he’s around is absolutely mind-boggling. And now there is peace…

I’m working on a new project. The photography industry is in a shambles to say the least, not to mention the fact that if I see one more “happy family” I’m gonna slap ’em! (Well,  not really, but I just can’t do it anymore.) So, I’ve been racking my brain and racking my brain for a new way to bring in some income – since I can’t seem to GIVE my damned photography studio away (its been on the market for TWO YEARS).  I’ve been trying to think of something for a loooooong time, and with all the other chaos in my life and in my brain, I couldn’t come up with anything. Now that J is gone again, my brain has quieted down. And I listened…

And God answered.

This is a really cool new endeavor I’m starting. Not only is it a way to make some extra income, but its also a great way to help others in the world who need it the most. I’m not going to go in to the particulars here yet, but when I launch I will let you all know. I’m working on building the website right now and I’m hoping to launch on Valentine’s Day, just cuz there’s so much love in my heart for this.

Stay tuned…



  1. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Good for you – I’ll be waiting to hear more about it! Question for you….I love taking pictures – grandkids, landscaping etc.. for personal enjoyment. I need a better camera but don’t know where to start – read a book first to better understand photography? Any thoughts or recommendations on either (a book or camera brand)? Thanks!

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