Posted by: addictionstinks | January 16, 2013

Not Keeping The Baby

I just heard from Samantha. She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I had it wrong – she does NOT have a tipped uterus. Apparently her uterus is falling out of her body. After she had her last baby her uterus was actually falling out. The doctor said it would be EXTREMELY high risk and she could possibly die if she has the baby and she should have an abortion. She has decided to do that. I totally understand. In fact, I’m somewhat relieved. Now, how to tell J – he’s gonna die. He is TOTALLY against an abortion. I thought about writing him a letter since we can’t actually talk on the phone right now, but I’m not going to do that. He should land somewhere within the next week or two and be able to call me. I need to tell him this over the phone at least, just to make sure he’s ok.

His out date is now posted on the DOC website as 11-28-13, so he will be out before the end of this year. I guess he is serving exactly one year from his arrest date. Good to know. Not that he’s coming back here anyways, but good to know.



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