Posted by: addictionstinks | December 24, 2012

As If I Didn’t Have Enough Drama! Knocked Up!

No, not me! J’s girlfriend that he was with for a few weeks before he was arrested. She claims to be 6 weeks pregnant, with HIS child.

Seriously, could this get any worse?

They were together for a few weeks, until she found out that J was using again, at which time she bolted out my front door and never looked back. She already has two kids with the guy she was dating for 3 years, who by the way beats the crap out of her. And her oldest daughter, who he claims is not his (even tho she really is). And they’re back together. And he knows that she’s pregnant with J’s kid.

So, that means that he’s gonna be beating the crap of her while she’s pregnant with MY GRANDCHILD, and he’s probably going to be beating my grandchild.

Seriously, I give up.

I don’t know whether to ignore her, and let her have the kid and pretend I never knew this happened, or reach out and try to have some sort of relationship with her and the kid.

To complicate things, she’s got a tipped uterus and the doctors told her not to have any more kids after the last one. She’s supposedly going to the doctor this week so they can decide whether or not to proceed with the pregnancy. It could be fatal to her and/or the baby possibly. I’m almost hoping they advise her to abort. Hate to say that, but…

I swear, I am NOT making any of this up! But really, could his life be more of a freakin’ soap opera!! Oh, the DRAMA!!!



  1. I would call child protective services. They will take the baby right after it is born if the circumstances are bad. I have seen it done. The best thing in my opinion would be to give the baby up for adoption, there are so many wonderful people out there who want children and could give this baby the life it deserves. There are laws to protect the innocent children in these situations.

  2. I am sorry. You must be emotionally and physically exhausted. It is very hard, pretty much impossible, to separate ourselves from thier lives as we love our children so much. Try and do something nice for yourself and gather up some strength, you are going to need it.

  3. I have no words other than… you just can’t make this shit up, sometimes I feel like I am living a freaking soap opera. The smartest thing J has ever done is not bring a child into his addicted world. What are these kids thinking? My advice: stay out of it. You really don’t know whether this child is J’s. I have a very tipped uterus and had 4 children…no doctor ever said a thing about it??? strange…

  4. I’d stay out of the baby drama if it were me. Babies complicate everything and I am speaking from expereience on this. It’s so sad because the child is always the one who suffers most. UGH! You need to take care of YOU.

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