Posted by: addictionstinks | December 20, 2012

“How Many Times Do You Hear a Person Say…

“Just when things were looking good, I sabotaged it by using again!” These are the words of someone who has CHOSEN instant gratification over the work involved in accepting responsibility for personal success. The decision to get high when things look bad or good is a choice to take the path perceived as more desirable.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program! I purchased (only $200) the Saint Jude Home Program. I actually bought it for ME. I’m reading it. I love that they are absolutely NO BULLSHIT on the fact that your addiction is your CHOICE. They don’t believe in the AA/NA model of “its a disease, I can’t help it”. After all, who REALLY benefits from that thinking??? (The rehab centers, who get you to keep coming back, that’s who!)

If anyone wants more info on this program, shoot me a message. Its really good! Gonna go keep reading…



  1. Good to know. I have thought about buying that many times. When you are finished reading, let us know if you still think it is valuable. Have you ever read the book Rational Recovery? It’s big on personal responsibility, too. Interesting.

    My son said something to me yesterday after telling me about one of his best friends in the house overdosing and being found by his mom only moments before death…”some people can’t be sober…they are constitutionally unable to be honest with themselves”

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