Posted by: addictionstinks | December 5, 2012

Why I Don’t Buy Into “The Disease Theory”

Thank you “notmyboy” for your insightful comment on your sugar addiction. I know exactly how you feel, as two years ago I quit CIGARETTES. Cold turkey. No meds, no nothin’. A pack-and-a-half-a-day habit. They say nicotine is the most addictive substance – even worse than heroin. Let me tell ya – it SUCKED! But today I am so glad I don’t smoke anymore.

So yeah, I totally get the “addiction”. What I don’t get is allowing an addiction that could land your ass in jail and ruin every relationship – family or otherwise – take over your life to such an extent. I never harmed anyone (except myself) with my smoking. I never stole from my family or neighbors to get cigarettes. I never went to jail because I smoked. I did however, allow an addiction that could possibly kill me rule my life for many years, until that day when I said, “ENOUGH!”

On another note – he’s published in the newspaper once again, for my whole (small) town to see. I’m so embarrassed. First name, last name, address, and the whole sordid story about how he was caught shooting heroin in a store bathroom. I think I’ll go hind under the covers.

Goodbye forever 🙂




  1. I smoke and I’m a sober alcoholic.
    While cigarette smoking is very hard to quit physically, the emotional end of it is quite different.
    Drugs and alcoholic numb your emotions. After enough time you lose the ability to deal with things in a sober state. When you stop using you start feeling a lot of things that you aren’t equipped to deal with. If you don’t have help, it’s an almost impossible task. That’s why AA works for some. It provides a support system of people who have been there and know how crazy you are when you first get sober.

  2. So you really do get it from the inside. In some ways it helps. In other ways it makes things worse…especially when you have found success with willpower, or whatever you did to stop smoking. We tend to paint everyone with the brush we paint ourselves…as in “I did it. Why can’t you?” I get that. I really really get that. It is especially hard for moms, or in particular moms who like control, like myself. sigh

    Addiction just plain sucks. I’m so sorry about the newspaper. I can completely relate. My son ruined our name with his actions, too. Grrrr It is crushing.
    Worse, we lost just about every friend we had because of my son’s drug abuse. He is my oldest child, and therefor most of our couple friends were parents of my son’s friends through sports, etc. We had a very large group of friends at one time. Wow, it seems like ages ago…and it was, nearly five years. ugh
    We only had one set of friends see up through the drama. The rest just keep us at arm’s length. That’s fine. We only want and need true friends…but that isn’t to say it doesn’t hurt.

    By the way, congratulations on stopping the smoking. My son is desperate to quit, but it seems to be the one thing that he is not in a hurry to give up. I’m not pushing, but I am hoping and praying he quits sooner than later.

  3. They should just call it the Humiliation blog…what the hell i wrong with these people. You live at that address…

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