Posted by: addictionstinks | December 3, 2012

Facebook Fun and Needles In The Yard

I’m having a lot of fun reading his Facebook now that he’s in jail again. Lots of messages from his drug buddy all about going to pick up and he’s got stuff to pawn and he’s got so much money. I could have a good time bringing this to the police. Would they come kill my children while we sleep if I did that???

Yesterday my husband found a hypodermic needle in the front lawn. Yeah, I’m done. That’s just frickin’ sick. I live in a very nice neighborhood with children and upper middle class homes. And my kid drops needles in my front yard and OD’s in Walmart’s bathroom. He’s NEVER coming back here!!

Court is Wednesday. I’ll be there to make sure the judge knows this.



  1. Pint, at age 4, found needles in her Mom’s purse when I allowed Calamity to come over for a visit. Sick is right!

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