Posted by: addictionstinks | December 1, 2012

Why Is He Still Here?

I just read a comment from Lauren on my last post. She lost her son to an overdose in June of this year. First of all, I am so sorry for your loss Lauren. I cannot even imagine the pain you must have.

But why is my son still here? He called today from jail – and I did take the call cuz I needed to tell him to fill out the paperwork so I can pick up his possessions. Anyways, he told me that he did EIGHT bags of heroin when they found him in the Walmart bathroom and took him to the hospital. How is it that he is still alive? There must be a reason why he is still here – and I hope its not to make my life hell LOL!!

EIGHT BAGS. Seriously, he should be deadddddddd. Wow.



  1. there is probably a reason he is here, but that doesn’t mean that YOU are going to be involved in it.

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