Posted by: addictionstinks | October 19, 2012

Suboxone Is Our Friend

We decided to go ahead with the Suboxone. The doctor recommends J stay on it for 6 months to a year. The premise being that during this time his head will be clear and it will give him a chance to do a thorough examination of himself to figure out WHY he needs to do drugs. And also because he just keeps relapsing – over and over and over.

Here’s how desperate J had become for drugs: He had decided to be done with heroin, so he threw out all his supplies and didn’t go to the city that day to get any more heroin. So the next day he told me he had 20 empty bags of heroin stashed in his room – and he spent the day breaking open the empty bags and LICKING the residue off of them. Just to get SOME opiate in his system.

I think we need the Suboxone.

The last 3 nights he’s gone to AA/NA meetings as well.

Here’s his Facebook status that he put up last night:  “just wanna say, TONIGHT I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF, 1st time in a while… :)”

We are on our way back up the roller coaster. I think I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope its a looooooooooong one.



  1. Suboxone is our friend too. For the first time in years Kev seems “normal”. I was leery at first but now I’m not. The first few weeks I could tell he was taking it, he seemed groggy and unmotivated. Now, 9 weeks in, he’s the son I know and love and believe it or not, its hard to imagine how horrible he was not that long ago. He doesn’t go to meetings, he’s living his life as a”non-addict” that chooses not to use drugs. It seems to be working.

  2. I am praying for your J that Suboxone is his answer. It was not for my J but it really can be a miracle for some. I think Suboxone works if they want it to work. There is a link for a Suboxone Forum in my blog list at the bottom of my web page. Very valuable information and many many success stories.

    It definitely can be abused which I sadly discovered. Also, just for your FYI it is highly coveted by withdrawing addicts…they will pay very good money for it, which usually makes it very tempting to sell or trade umm for whatever?

    Suboxone made me a true believer in the three C’s…Suboxone is not “the” answer. The answer lies with in each of our children and until they figure that out…Detaching is the best thing we can do. Let him figure it out.

    Great advice…now if I could just follow it I would be in good shape too.

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