Posted by: addictionstinks | September 26, 2012

And Then The Doorbell Rang…Part 2

Yep, again.

The doorbell rang. This time it was the pregnant girl’s dad. Seems as though word is that J is offering to share his heroin with family members and friends of the pregnant girl. Oh, and he stole the Dad’s needles last time he was there (Dad is diabetic).

Really? I’m now back to babysitting my 23 year old.

I’ve told him I am NOT speaking to him ever again, until he shows me he is 100% committed to God, family and recovery. Next, I call the police and have them come escort him out of my home. And back to prison.




  1. Wow. U need your life back!

  2. I am sad that this is the story that never ends…IT SUCKS!

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