Posted by: addictionstinks | September 22, 2012

Disappointed Once Again

So last night after the whole “You missed school Thursday” argument over who’s responsibility is actually is to remember these things, he didn’t come home. Whatever.

So I texted him because he’s got class TODAY (Saturday) last night and I said, “I will NOT be calling and waking you up to make sure you go to class. If you want a ride you can ask me NICELY and I will do that, but its your responsibility to do that.”

Class is at 9:00. Its now 8:26.

Guess he’s not interested in going. What else is new? How do I constantly get suckered into paying for these things he “wants to do” and then it never happens. $1800 for this semester worth of classes down the shitter. NEVER AGAIN.

Lesson learned.




  1. I hear your frustration! I understand your frustration. Lesson learned? What lesson? The lesson never to hand over any money to your son OR the lesson that one person has no control (0%) over another! It’s hard for those of us who like to have everything under control. We can only control ourselves…and sometimes, even that in itself is impossible. I’m still trying to learn the lesson. Take care.

  2. ugh!

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