Posted by: addictionstinks | September 21, 2012

So Sick of Irresponsible People!

Man, what a frustrating week!

Ten months ago, we had to fire an employee (hubby has his own business). This employee happened to be my best friend since high school. I’m her daughter’s godmother, and I was there in the hospital with her when her son was born.

She was stealing from us.

So, ever since we fired her, we’ve barely spoken. So stupid me, for some reason, decides to go on Facebook and ask her if we are always gonna be enemies.

That was a mistake.

She laid into me about how my husband, being as he was her boss, should have TALKED TO HER about stealing from us, and NOT fired her.


We should have slapped her on the hand, said “Don’t do that!” but allowed her to keep her job???? You’re kidding right??? She was STEALING FROM US.

She’s fuckin’ lucky we didn’t call the police and have her pathetic ass arrested. Because somehow the fact that she WAS STEALING FROM US has become our fault!!! And she NEVER wants to have anything to do with us again.

I’m floored.

So, yes, I’ve just lost my best friend. Lesson learned – don’t ever hire friends. NEVER AGAIN.

Then there’s J. He “forgot” to go to class last night, and today he “got fired because they found out about his record”. But NONE of it is his fault.


If you didn’t have a record, there would be nothing to find out – yes?????

And he “forgot” school last night because I DIDN’T REMIND HIM. Pu-lease…

Is this what we as humans are coming to?? We simply don’t feel the need to take responsibility for our actions – just push it off on somebody else.

I’m so disappointed in right now…


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