Posted by: addictionstinks | September 11, 2012

First Meeting Tonight

He has admitted everything. Yes, he was using again.

He’s sorry. He wants to be done.

He’s actually met a new girl. She’s VERY sweet. I mean, like, really sweet. I mean, like, “what the hell are you doing with the likes of my son” sweet. She truly is a beautiful person, inside and out.

She’s also 17 weeks pregnant. And the father is in jail. And she wants nothing to do with him anyways. J says he doesn’t care that the kid is not his. He wants to be with her anyways.

She doesn’t know that he relapsed.

His first meeting is tonight. He just agreed to go, with a little coercing from me. As in, “Go, or get the hell outta my house”.

Please pray. For God to speak to him (he denies His existence), for Satan to LEAVE. For J to take this first step into the rest of his life more seriously than he ever has before.

The deal is: If I see him high EVER AGAIN (ya know, rolling eyes, nodding off, sweating, itching), I will not say ANYTHING. I will simply call the locksmith to change all the locks, and then take all his belongings to Goodwill so he doesn’t even have to come back to my house to pick anything up. And NEVER speak to him again.


I don’t want to say goodbye…

I really do love my son to the ends of the Earth.





  1. I’m sorry that he used. Hopefully, he will want recovery. He is making a good step by going to a meeting. Maybe he will be willing. I hope so.

  2. Gee it is so strange how we live parallel lives…except no pregnancy THANK GOD!

    • The pregnancy is NOT caused by him. Thank God! He broke up with her already.

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