Posted by: addictionstinks | July 16, 2012

The Kid Nobody Wants Around

Isn’t it ironic? – He started doing drugs in order to “fit in”. To be “a part of the cool crowd”. To “feel like he belonged”.

Seven years, several relapses, one prison sentence, countless arrests, he has now become “the kid nobody wants around”. If only they would believe us when they are 16 years old and we tell them this is how its all going to play out. Eventually their efforts to “fit in” will cause them to be “left out”.  Ask most young teenagers and they will tell you the reason they started doing drugs was because it made them look cool. Well, it isn’t so cool anymore after you’ve spent time in prison and your friends no longer wish to associate with you. Or their families won’t allow you into their  homes.

At this point he even has an Order of Protection against him filed by one friend’s mother, because she doesn’t want him around her daughter. I don’t blame her.

There are other friends that if he goes to visit them, he has to sneak in through a window so their parents don’t know he’s in their home.

Still others that simply no longer take his phone calls. They’ve chosen to just ignore him.

Then there’s the ex-girlfriend who is talking to him again and even came over to visit, but nobody knows about it. She won’t tell her family or friends, for fear of what they will think. She would probably get back together with him – and he really wants that to happen – but I don’t think it will because her friends and family would have a fit if they knew that she was associating with him again.

He doesn’t truly have even one “true blue” friend. You know, that guy that would be there for you through absolutely anything. The guy that would help you move, or drive you to the city for your appointment even though its gonna take 3 hours of his day. He has acquaintences – people that come over and swim in our pool and hang out for a couple of hours. But by tomorrow they will not be there for him, like a real friend would. They will continue on with their lives and not give him a second thought.

Its actually quite sad to watch. I almost feel bad for him. And then I remember that we all wake up every morning and we make our own choices. He chose that life, so now he has to live with this life.

If only they would believe us when they were 16…





  1. Oh how true…if only.

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