Posted by: addictionstinks | May 23, 2012

And Then The Doorbell Rang…

It was one of his “friend’s” mother. Seems as though Mary has been using heroin. She just confessed everything. And who turned Mary on to it? My J.


Now I’ve got this crying mother on my front porch who is threatening to call the police on my child (DO IT!!).

Except they didn’t call. In the end her and her husband decided not to. I would have, but by then it had been 2 days since J had used and it would be out of his system so drug tests would have come up negative.

He’s presently detoxing and NOT enjoying it. Vomiting, Diharrea, Everything Hurts. Too bad.

Once he’s feeling a bit better, we will be talking…

So all that crap a couple of weeks ago about, “Yeah I used ONCE” was a total lie. He’d been using regularly and now bringing Mary down with him.

I’m sick.




  1. My daughter used to tell me “Once is never enough”. Truer words out of an addict’s mouth were never spoken. Sorry you are back to quare one. I always think that if they can’t learn a lesson, we can.

  2. Yep, this is sickening. Ugh. What really gets me is that he went so long without using, its like that shit has such a hold on you that even after two years it can still “win”.

    As for the mother, I can understand why she’s upset, but she also has to realize that her Mary CHOSE to do it, she could have said no. All of our kids could have said no to the person that offered it the first time.

  3. I so feel your pain. When we first discovered A was using, 10 years ago, almost all the boys in our very small town, were involved as well. Hubby and I had to be the ones to tell the other parents, many of whom blamed our boy for getting their kids started. In reality, it was some douche bag pusher who had come to town and started it all. Hang in there.

  4. None of your chldren, or anyone else, thought “I’ll become an addict today,” when they said yes the first time, or even the second, third or fourth time. Just like when we were growing up and started drinking before 21 or using pot, did we think we would become addicts. They thought they were just experimenting, just having fun. I think that is what makes this so hideous, really. J has done well and he can recover. Yes, it is starting over and he has to want it, but they say that each time they are clean, it it easier for them to remember how good that feels and they can get there again.

    Don’t worry about Mary’s parents. They have just learned something that no parent wants to learn, and in the beginning, none of us can believe our child is responsible. We want to blame the friends, the dealers, society, a teacher, OURSELVES, etc. Maybe in the long run, you may be able to help them too as they navigate this horrible journey.

    You continue to be in my prayers.

  5. I am so sorry! Please give us an update. So many parents and children struggling. I am still praying for us all!

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