Posted by: addictionstinks | January 10, 2012

I Sort Of Got An Apology

Well, I sort of got an apology for all the mean things he said. I asked him if he had anything to say for himself. He of course made it all about him. “Well I’m just appalled that you would look at my Facebook!” And the tried-and-true-always-the-martyr “I’m so sick of everyone calling ME an asshole.” That’s when I lost it. I yelled at him, “You know, your wife tells you you’re an asshole, your kids tell you you’re an asshole, your employees tell you you’re and asshole, your clients tell you you’re an asshole! Do you think at some point you should sit down and wonder, ‘Am I being an asshole???'” After that I got one of those smirky grin “I’m sorrys”. Ya know, the one that you know they don’t really mean. They’re just saying it to get you off their back? So at this point we pretend nothing is wrong, when in reality he’s

over there —————————————–>

and I’m <——————————————- over here

if that makes any sense. In other words, there’s no sharing. There’s no intimacy. There’s pretty much nothing except “Did you feed the dogs?” And “Can you pick up some milk?”

Maybe its better this way.




  1. 😦

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

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