Posted by: addictionstinks | January 7, 2012

Broken Heart

2012 is a mess already.

My marriage is about over. 25 years down the drain.

Yesterday my husband left his laptop at work, so after dinner he had to go back to work to get it. He left, leaving his cell phone on the kitchen counter at home. Yep, I got nosy. I went into his Facebook. There I found a conversation with a young lady named Dede that went something like this:

“My bitchy wife won’t even let me drink at home anymore.”

“I think my bitchy wife is just getting insecure in her old age.”

“I went out to lunch today and they made me 2 giant Margaritas there, and my bitchy wife will probably find out about it. I’ve been eating fucking Tic Tacs all afternoon!”

“My oldest son just got out of prison. He’s going to college on MY DIME and just sucks my money.” My middle son is a 285-pound fat ass video game addict who’s never had a real job. My youngest son is just a smart ass teenager. My bitchy wife has always loved the children more than me. I just want to take off in the RV.”


I let him know I found this. He had nothing to say, and has said nothing to say to me since. No apology. No nothing. I guess he’s not going to apologize, maybe cuz he means all of it? Nice to know how he feels about us all. I told him to go be with “Dede!” Asshole.

Anybody else wanna stand in line and stomp on my heart?? Its FREE and apparently very enjoyable!!




  1. I am sorry you are hurting right now. I would not throw the marriage away just yet. Maybe you can go to a marriage counselor. If he does not want to go, go alone. You might get a clearer picture then. It sounds to me that he is going through midlife crisis. I am not sure if this helps, but don’t worry about him for a few days, but just be good to yourself and don’t make any hasty decisions. You can always get a divorce after all avenues have been explored. I wish you strength.

  2. Well, it sounds pretty sad to me. I think that marriages have a hard time when there is alcoholism or drug addiction involved. It makes things crazy. I hope that things will resolve in a good way for you.

  3. I am so sorry. That hurts me just reading it. I can only imagine how he made you feel. I can see why you’d want to throw in the towel, and no one would blame you if you did…but go slowly. We shouldn’t divorce in pain or hate. We divorce when we have exhausted all avenues and there are no feelings left.
    Again, I’m so sorry you are going through this.

  4. I’d like to stomp on his heart and on his face and kick him in a few places. Maybe that’s not the mature rational response, but its my gut reaction after reading this. i am so sorry you had to find this, I can’t even imagine how it feels. If you ever feel like talking about it email me, okay? Thinking of you and sending you a huge hug.

  5. I am sick of all this stomping…like for real. My husband just says things like that out loud when he drinks….he doesn’t even hide them in a text message. #SucksToSuck as my daughter would tweet or #SorryImNotsorry ugh.

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