Posted by: addictionstinks | December 30, 2011

Happy New Year! Things I’ve Learned, Things I Resolve

Happy 2012 everyone! Hope you all had a very happy Christmas! Its been quite busy around here, sorry I haven’t updated (thanks for the push Madyson!)

My niece continues to have all sorts of trouble with her Crohn’s disease. She is in the hospital once again – this is the 6th hospitalization since October. I just sent my other niece and nephew home yesterday after having them staying here with me for several days while mom and dad dealt with Sarah. Continued prayers would be much appreciated!!

J did relapse. It was VERY brief. He used (heroin) 3 times before telling the “friend” that he could never have anything to do with him again and deleting his number in his phone and Facebook. I knew immediately, and laid down the law with him right away, but by then he had already left it behind on his own. For some reason it seems that pretty much all of our addicts relapse once, and then figure out that that’s NOT the life they want again after all. I did my best to not freak out, and am very glad he put it aside all on his own, and quickly.

Things I’ve learned this year:

1. Can’t trust anybody – not even your best friend. This one is really a bummer, because at almost 50 years old I guess I finally have to admit this to myself. After the whole debacle with having to fire Debbie for stealing from us, she continues to lie to MY friends about what really happened, and still hasn’t bothered to apologize, but yet doesn’t want to throw away our 30 year friendship. Grow up – really.

2. Family is everything. If there’s anything that Sarah’s illness has taught us, its that we are all we’ve REALLY got, and we truly mean the world to each other. We’ve shared tears, and hopes, and sadness, and even puke – LOL. She’s an amazing amazing girl (woman) and I wish like hell I could take this disease for her. I feel so helpless. All I can do is support her caretakers and love them endlessly.

3. If you really want it, you can have it. Never give up! Sarah, despite missing half her college semester, pulled 3 A’s and a B on her report card. She took her Calculus final from her hospital bed online. Such an inspiration!!

4. Love love love those that matter and let the others go.

Which brings me to my New Year’s resolution: I resolve to say “I love you” to at least one person each and every day of 2012. Whether it be my husband, or my child, or my brother, or my niece, or whoever. Such a powerful little sentence that can truly change your world.

What is your New Year’s resolution??

Hug one another.



  1. My prayers are sent to your niece, Sarah, and to your family. Take care.
    Shelley in SK

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