Posted by: addictionstinks | December 7, 2011

Wow. Just wow.

So when my husband fired her this morning, she said she “was only trying to survive” by stealing from us. I had no idea that was justification for stealing from your friends!!

She is now going on Facebook and talking shit. Saying my husband “is a coward” because he fired her with a letter (yes, a letter of termination), and making threats of “taking care of him”. Wow.

Why is it that whenever people do something that is wrong and against the law, it somehow becomes the other person’s fault?? What the hell is so wrong with saying “I’m really sorry. I screwed up.” Why does it have to get ugly??

People suck.



  1. This woman has major issues and is lucky you didn’t file charges against her!

  2. Well she sucks for sure!

  3. Hey and I am sure it is not to late to file charges…

  4. That does suck! What’s wrong with people!?! And using FB to talk shit about someone ?*&#@!! I don’t get it! You should press charges or at least check into it. What the hell is she talking about…..we are all trying to survive. Everyone has a story…… does not justify stealing!! I am so sorry you are going thru this. UGH!

  5. just thinking about you….how about an update?

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