Posted by: addictionstinks | October 31, 2011

He’s Still Pining for Patsy

He just can’t let her go. They were together for over 4 years. She broke up with him while he was in prison, so I think there’s some unfinished business there. Yesterday her brother was over at my house with J. He says he barely talks to Patsy anymore. She lives with her boyfriend. She never goes out anywhere or does anything. And she told her brother that, “He is mean to me.” Her brother says she sounds depressed when he does talk to her. The new guy is definately a control freak, jealous S.O.B. He won’t even let me be friends with Patsy on Facebook. He went on her page and blocked me. I just think it sucks because she just lost her own mother in May, and she always said I was “More of a mother to her than her own mother.” She always told me that no matter what happened with J, that we would ALWAYS stay in touch, because she loves me like a mother. Not to mention the fact that I certainly don’t wanna date her!! So, WTF is this guy’s problem? I just have a baaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling about this – like he’s being controlling, manipulative, and possibly abusive and she’s caught in that whole web, with nowhere else to go.  I don’t like the vibe I’m getting. I used to be in an abusive relationship – I know what it’s like – and this doesn’t feel right to me.

On another note, please PRAY for my niece. She has Crohn’s Disease and has been in the hospital twice in the last 4 weeks with flare-ups and fistulas and abcesses. She’s had 2 surgeries to remove the fistulas. We need to pray for it NOT to come back again this time, because the next surgery will be a temporary colostomy. She is only 19 years old, trying to go to college and work. She’s really an inspiration!! And she’s very down-in-the-dumps right now because of all this. She’s looking at lots of schoolwork to make up, and the job is now gone. She’s really a great kid and in no way deserves any of this, and I feel horrible for her!! Pray that Sarah will heal this time and go back into remission from her Crohn’s. Thank you!!

Oh, and J quit that job. He just couldn’t do it. There were 48 hour stretches with NO sleep. He was falling asleep in class at school. His teacher even mentioned something to him. So he quit. I’m not even mad about it. He’ll find another job. Nobody can keep those hours for any length of time, and school is much more important right now. Back on the job hunt!!




  1. I hope that all will go well for Sarah. As far as Patsy goes, I hope that she makes a decision about what is right for her. No one else can do that.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this about Patsy. All kinds of red flags here abou that guy…..controlling and jealous guys are the ones that women need to get away from, period. They’re the ones that become (if not already) verbally and physically abusive. I’m sorry that Patsy doesn’t think more of herself than to condone him controlling her like that. Sadly, it’s all too common. : (

    Meanwhile, I will pray for your niece. Crohns can be so terrible. Please check out this website, or have her parents do so. Some amazing breakthrough treatments are happening for those with Crohns and other diseases who are treated with this new medication for it. LOTS of hope !!! God bless her.

  3. Its hard to let go of someone you were with for so long – but sometimes its for the best. I hope J can figure out the best thing for him.

    As for your poor niece – that’s so awful. Its such a drastic disease that touches all areas of life. I dated a guy with it so know second hand what its like. I’ll be praying. Keep us posted.

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