Posted by: addictionstinks | October 13, 2011

He Got The Job!

He’s exhausted, but doing this! The job is a night shift job – 6:00 pm to 6:00 am full time. They do fireman’s hours, so 2 on 2 off 2 on 3 off, etc. He started Tuesday night – worked Tuesday night 6:00 pm til 6:00 am, went to school from 8:00 til 2:30 and then back to work 6:00 pm til 6:00 am today. He did manage to squeeze 2 hours of sleep in there after class and before work yesterday, so he’s had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. YIKES! Today he is off school and sleeping all day!

I’m very proud of him right now. This is not easy, and he’s so very exhausted, but he is doing it. He’s determined to pay off all his fines and get his driver’s license back and a car. It’s so hard for me to keep saying “NO” to helping him pay off the fines, but I know its the right thing to do, and he understands.

Thank you again from the bottom of my (our) heart(s) for all your continued well wishes and prayers. I think of all of you every day and pray for you as well!



  1. He is working hard – Good for him! My experience has always been that hard work does pay off. Continued well wishes for you all!!

  2. Good deal! It does not hurt to let them experience hard work and the consequences ofr their actions. I am so happy for you all! One day at a time!

  3. I am so very happy to hear that things are good!! Recovery does happen.

  4. Great news!!!!! Very happy for him, and for you 🙂 Celebrate each accomplishment.

  5. I am very glad. Good for him!

  6. Proud right along side you! And praying for you all, as well.

    I have two sons who used drugs; one has been sober for five years, and the other is still using. It hurts.

    Please pray for us too, as our family lost my dad a week ago.


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