Posted by: addictionstinks | August 28, 2011

Hitting A Few Snags

Last night J wanted to go hang out with one of the friends that he was doing all the drugs with and hoppin’ cars with. We said “Absolutely not!” And then the argument ensued. “I’m 22 years old, I can do what I want!” “Well okay then, there’s the door!” In the end he had no choice but to see it our way.

I’m a little concerned tho. He seems to be getting back in touch with all of these old “friends”. And he thinks that after only 2 short weeks home, we should be able to trust him that he’s not going to get into trouble with them. Most of them have in fact grown up and are working and doing well. But I have no way to know for sure if any of them are still into drugs.

It might be getting close to time for our very first pee test! If he fails, he is outta here. I can’t do it again. Ever.



  1. Very good idea. Stick to your boundaries or else he’ll run over you before you know it. It is so easy to slip back into the old habits. The best laid plans of mice and men…. Please take care of yourself and protect your assets.

  2. Oh, boy, not good. I know you already know this, but old friends mean big trouble. Keven has slowly dropped his friends and now he’s down to NONE (other than his two childhood buddies who are both away at school). He knows he can’t be around any of those people no matter how hard it it. I hope J can meet some new people, its hard to let go of old friends but unless they have as much or more clean time as he does, its a recipe for disaster 😦

  3. Sounds as if you made the right decision. I agree with Barbara. It would be a bad thing to get in with the old crowd.

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