Posted by: addictionstinks | August 17, 2011

So Far So Good

I hope I’m not jinxing myself (or him) by saying this, but so far so good! He’s starting to figure out that (most of) his friends have grown up while he was gone. He did “run into” Marcus (Patsy’s brother and his partner in crime). Marcus just got out on July 21 and is right back at it. He told J he was looking for some Ecstacy. Whatever. J is now staying away from him. He has talked to other old friends though, and many of them have quit doing stupid stuff and are working and have grown up. He’s still amazed at how the world went on without him for so long.

School starts Monday. That will keep him busy 3 days a week. And today he is talking to a lady about a job. One of his old friends works there, and someone just walked out in the middle of his shift so there is an opening. His friend put in a good word for J, and talked to the lady who hires, and this morning J will go talk to her too. Fingers crossed!! This would be a full-time job, on top of his schooling. He would be VERY busy.

Say a little prayer for this job!




  1. I’m so happy things are going well for all of you and I’m glad J is finely home and can put this episode behind him. As I’ve mentioned previously. my son is just now embarking on this journey through the prison system. We expect be will be gone about 3 years (ish). Still waiting on sentencing. His charge is federal….better than state in some ways not so much better in others. I have a good understanding of what you’ e been through and I always keep up with your blog. I hate that my son and all of us have to live through this on one hand but on the other this has saved my sons life…..hopefully for good, only time will tell. I’m praying for J’s smooth transition back and for this potential job!! Best of luck to you all!

    • Thank you so much Kristi! I will pray for your son as he starts his journey through the system. It’s no fun, but it certainly does make them think! It definately saved my son’s life as well!

  2. Great news! Fingers crossed he likes school and gets this job.

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