Posted by: addictionstinks | August 15, 2011

Getting To Know Him

It’s weird – I don’t know who he is anymore. I’m learning though. He’s changed a lot, but then again he hasn’t. We had kind of an argument on Saturday. He accused me of “hovering”. LOL. Maybe I was a little bit, but I really didn’t mean to. I need to remember that he’s 22 years old and can make his own choices. It’s really hard to try to pull away, after so many years of babysitting an addict! I did apologize to him and explain that I have to get used to letting him live his life rather than babysitting him. He understood and it’s all good.

The party was very nice. The whole family came over. Everyone ate and swam in the pool and had all sorts of fun. It was good! Nice to see the support.

Today we need to talk to the college. I’ve got him signed up for classes but we still need to figure out a few things. He needs to take the COMPASS tests so he can sign up for his gen-eds, but now he’s saying maybe he should just take the 3 classes so as not to overwhelm himself.

Parole guy showed up on Saturday afternoon. I was at the grocery store at the time, but hubby was here. J has to call in once a week to the phone number they gave him, and the guy will come over and check up on him once a month – we don’t know when – he just shows up. Sounds easy enough.

So far, so good! He’s not perfect, but then again, neither am I. We will continue to figure this all out.


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