Posted by: addictionstinks | August 2, 2011

Threw Out All His Clothes

I threw out all of his old clothes the other day. Well, I didn’t throw them out – I put them in the Goodwill box. They are gone. Every stitch. It smells better in his room now! Weird. I’ve washed them and washed them and washed them, and couldn’t get rid of that “odor”. I guess we will be going shopping soon to buy all new stuff.

Class ends tomorrow, and then the papers need to be signed and he’s outta there. Could be this Friday! Maybe.

He says he wants a pair of True Religion jeans. Ha ha ha ha ha!! He’s hilarious! Such a diva! Get a job!




  1. Try “Old Navy” big sales…

  2. HA! Reminds me of Keven. He used to have money and would buy himself nice things, now he had to take what he can get (Kohl’s, Target). BUT he still has two pairs of True Religions and some Rockin Republics.

    Also – Keven’s clothe’s always smell funny too. I can wash them a million times but they smell funny to me…an odd ordor. Is that just a guy thing or is that a heroin thing?

    I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about the homecoming.

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