Posted by: addictionstinks | July 19, 2011

Tick Tock…

We are counting the days now.

His class is going well. They are actually learning computer-related stuff, as well as self-improvement stuff. And, in the afternoons they’ve been doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. J is actually really enjoying that part of class!!

We just got back from a very nice vacation in northern Minnesota. Not a drop of rain all week, and everyone came home with their limits of fish. Couldn’t have asked for better. So now that vacation is over, the countdown to J coming home is on! Class will be out on August 1st, and he is in for immediate release, so probably he will get out a few days after class ends. They still need to send the paperwork back and forth and get everything signed off, which will take several days. So he will get out a little earlier than his August 12th original date. I won’t actually know exactly which day until about 24 hours or less before it happens. So as of today he has somewhere between 16 to 23 days left, or thereabouts. Not long at all!!!

His former best friend gets out Thursday. I’m still trying to convince him that he wants NOTHING to do with Marcus. Nothing good will come out of it I’m sure.  He’s having a little problem with this one because Marcus was his best buddy. They got in most of their trouble together. We shall see…



  1. There really is nothing you can do about the whole “buddy situation” so don’t take that on BUT DAMN I JUST WISH THEY WOULD LISTEN TO US!

  2. I hope too that things will go well for him and for you as time for release comes.

  3. Madison is right. You’d think that he has learned his lesson. Someone told me once that life is a series of lessons. If you don’t learn one the first time, you have to take it over and over again, until you get it. The older I get, the more I believe that this is true. I wish we could just pass our wisdom from our lessons learned onto our kids, but unfotunately it does not work like that. They have to experience it for themselves. I know you are excited and I wish the best for him and you. Whatever happens, don’t forget to take care of yourself first!

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