Posted by: addictionstinks | July 1, 2011

Upper Brownies Downer Brownies??

The corner liquor store, just 2 blocks from my home, is selling something called “Upper Brownies” and “Downer Brownies”. My 19-year-old son informed me of this yesterday. What the hell are these??? Surely they are NOT selling drug-laced brownies on the counter of the local liquor store? Even if they are somehow legal, why would they glamorize drug use by selling something called an “Upper Brownie” or “Downer Brownie”?????? As if we don’t have a big enough problem here (any everywhere else for that matter)!!




  1. Are you kidding me? What’s next? So sad.

  2. They have caffeine and melatonin. They sell these in DC (the melatonin ones) under the name “lazy cakes”. Just FYI.


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