Posted by: addictionstinks | June 22, 2011

Sue Is Good

The surgery took 12 hours to remove Sue’s tumor. They were able to get most of it out. One small piece was embedded in her optic nerve, and would have caused blindness if they removed it, so they cut off it’s food supply and hopefully it will never grow again. We are still waiting on pathology to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. More prayers appreciated!

Yesterday J’s old ex-girlfriend from when he was 15-16 years old called me. She wanted to come by and visit! So of course I said yes. So last night we had Diana and her two kids over for a visit. It was nice to see her again, and to meet her kids. They’re super cute! J is gonna freak out when I tell him this – LOL.



  1. 12 hours is a long surgery! I am glad they got it all and “killed” the food supply to what they had to leave.

  2. Voices from the past usually either freak me out or bring back good memories! I hope it is the latter for J. Prayers said for Sue (and all who love her).


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