Posted by: addictionstinks | May 24, 2011

I Feel Like I Should Write Something

Just so you all won’t forget who we are! In reality I have nothing much to say. J is still in prison. We’re down to just a couple of months left now. His official release date is August 12. That’s when he will need all the prayers he can get!!

He says he’s feeling “depressed” but that this is normal for those that are getting this short on their sentences. Something about it being short, but not time yet. I told him I think that’s a good feeling to have – to remind him that he NEVER wants to be there again.

We’re just counting! Thanks for stickin’ with us!



  1. I am so happy that your son will be home soon! I’m just living for the day that I’m in your shoes as our journey is just beginning and my son is looking at about 5 years before this is all over and he’s able to move on with his life. But, I hold onto the hope that this is finally his bottom of bottoms and that’s what is helping me get through this….it certainly beats the alternative – death. I am praying for a new and brighter future for J!

  2. Praying for you all! I don’t get a chance to pop in often now that I’m working, but wanted to leave you a short note.


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