Posted by: addictionstinks | March 24, 2011

Still There

Well, that pretty much meant nothing. He’s still there! Until August 12th, as planned. They were just letting him know that when he is released he will NOT be put on an ankle bracelet, and that he must attend substance abuse counselling (ya think???) The good news: they do have AA/NA in there, and there is NOT a wait list!! WOOT!! So the counsellor put him in to start next week – probably Monday. So he will FINALLY, after 18 months of incarceration, be getting some form of substance abuse counselling – GO ILLINOIS!! He will also hopefully be taking a Job Preparedness class soon. This class will teach him how to make an effective resume, how to interview, etc. etc. He may actually get 10 days or so good time for taking this class, so potentially he will get out the very beginning of August. Whatever. At this point, that doesn’t even matter.

What matters is what he does when he gets out. We’ve been working hard, via telephone, to make the plan. I think its a pretty good plan so far. We’ve still got some details to work out, but all in all, I think this will be good for him and us too. In a nutshell, he will parole directly out of prison to our house – BRIEFLY. He will be starting classes at the local community college, and we will find him somewhere to live close to the college. Right now, we’re talking about purchasing a foreclosed or short sale house, having him and my husband rehab it, and flip it and then split the profits, so he can do it again if he wants to. Both he and my husband are super handy guys, who love to work with their hands, so this will keep him busy and be monetarily beneficial for both of us. Hopefully the housing market starts to heal a little bit, so that this plan works.



  1. I hope that it all works out. He has to want to change behavior. Take care of yourself.

  2. Amazing how long it took to get him some AA/NA. UGH! Don’t even get me started on that topic. Your plan sounds great and I hope it goes well.

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