Posted by: addictionstinks | March 21, 2011

I Got To Visit J!

My husband, 13 year old son and I just got back from a vacation to Florida. On the way down, we were driving right past where J is incarcerated, so we stopped for a visit. I have not seen my son at all in SEVEN MONTHS, so it was soooooooo nice to be able to see him!! He is a 6-h0ur drive away, so its not easy to get there for visits.

He looks so healthy! He works out with weights just about every day, and he is also going to start running. Apparently there’s an outdoor running track he can use.

I’m just so happy to see him looking like a human being, instead of some waste of life heroin addict. He’s gained weight, and muscle, his eyes are clear.

I wish I could have stayed longer. We stayed for almost 2 hours, until visiting hours were over, and then we had to roll on to our destination for that night. I probably won’t see him again until he’s released in a few months, because its so far away. But for now my heart is full.



  1. AWESOME! I loved reading this! I bet J was thrilled to pieces to get the visit. I’m glad he’s healthy and looking good. Wonderful news 🙂

  2. I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you to not see J for the past 7 months, but how wonderful that you got to see him now!! I bet he was really surprised and happy to see you too!! Also, happy to hear J is looking good and healthy!!

  3. I’m so glad you got to see him !! : ) Also, so glad that he looked so great….it’s really a wonderful feeling to see that isn’t it ? thanks for sharing this….you deserve this .

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