Posted by: addictionstinks | February 3, 2011

If This Kid Didn’t Have Shit For Luck

He’d have no luck at all.

J is getting transferred. Again. He called me on Tuesday and said they are transferring him to a minimum security facility (Yeah! I have no idea why he was in medium anyways – none of his crimes are violent at all). They do transfers on Wednesdays, so he was all packed out and ready to go.


We got this huge snowstorm. So he told me he was going to be transferred Thursday instead. So I go to the state prison’s website this morning, and they’re all on lockdown due to the storm. This means J is going nowhere today. And probably not tomorrow either. And they don’t do transfers on weekends at all.

So, he’s all packed out, which means he has ONE yellow jumpsuit, ONE pair of underwear, ONE pair of socks, ONE crappy pair of slippers (no shoes), ZERO personal care products (toothbrush, shampoo, soap), ZERO food (I allow him to buy commissary cuz the food is so bad). For the next several days.

This is pretty much how J’s life has been. Its actually kinda weird. His father is exactly the opposite, in that I always say he has gold up his ass. EVERYTHING always goes his way. Whereas J, NOTHING ever goes his way.

Now, I’m not necessarily a believer in “luck”. I think to a certain extent we make our own luck. But geez!!! J’s constant stream of bad luck – for no apparent reason – makes me wonder!!



  1. I find that particularly perplexing. My daughter has the same issue. Everything bad happens to her and it is NEVER her fault. After about, oh….7 years or so, I started wondering…SOME of this has to be her fault. Welfare just doesn’t kick people off for no reason. Cops don’t pick you up for no reason. Jail’s don’t put you in solitary for no reason. Drug dealers don’t track you down for no reason. Yes, there are times that things happen for no reason, but since everyone in the jail is on lockdown due to the storm, it’s not really your son’s luck.

  2. I believe you have to make your own luck. Using drugs does not contribute to this task. Our addict kids are not doing themselves a favor by boycotting their luck making ability by using drugs. Unfortunately, they won’t really know the impact of their actions, until much later on or when it is too late. My college educated daughter is a drug addict with a felony record which severly impacts her luck making ability.

  3. Sending you a hug. I am very against the way non-violent inmates are treated in jail/prison. I let my son get commissary too, they don’t even give them a pillow or a toothbrush or anything. I think just being in there is punishment enough.

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