Posted by: addictionstinks | December 28, 2010

He’s Getting Behind On The Times

For Christmas my 14-year-old niece got one of those little netbook computers. It has the webcam in it, so she signed up on Skype and can now Skype with her friends on her little computer. She was really excited about this. When J called from prison on Christmas day, and my niece told him this, he had NO IDEA what Skype was. I suppose this is a product of being locked up for so long – technology is moving forward while he’s stuck on the inside, and its getting away from him. It just kinda makes me sad.

8 more months until he’s out. Seems like a really long time still…



  1. Well, hopefully he will catch up once he is out. Or he could take a computer class while he is incarcerated. Perhaps one is available.

    • LOL Syd. He’s on the waiting list for electronics classes. He’s on the waiting list for drug classes. He’s on the waiting list for NA. Waiting list, waiting list, waiting list. This is Illinois – they don’t do ANYTHING here to rehabilitate the incarcerated! This state is too broke thanks to our corrupt politicians. They just keep taking away programs.

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