Posted by: addictionstinks | October 27, 2010

Classes Are A Possibility Again?

J spoke with the education counselor at his new prison, and apparently they haven’t yet dumped the classes there. So we are in the process of getting a copy of his GED so he can start taking classes in Electronics. Apparently there isn’t much of a wait list for the Electronics classes because they are the hardest classes to get accepted to. You have to have a GED, and you have to have scored at least a 9 on the Tape Tests that J took months ago when he first went in (he got a perfect score on the tests by the way, so he’s good there). So, I guess even tho this prison is so far away and hard for me to visit, which stinks, its going to turn out to be better because he will be able to take classes! YEAH!

I went into Patsy’s old room yesterday, and found the Alcoholics Anonymous book lying on her dresser. It is J’s book, that he got when he was in rehab. So I started reading it. Having never read it before, I’m finding it very interesting. There were also some hand-written notes in the front cover that J had written that were interesting too. A little about his perspective on his addiction. After I’m done reading it I’m going to ask him if he wants me to mail it to him. He has signed up for the AA meetings there, but of course there’s a wait list. UGH. They also have drug rehab there, but oddly they aren’t holding those classes right now because there is not enough interest. Kinda weird. So he’s on the list for that too. Once there’s enough interest, they’ll start a new class.

Keep your fingers crossed he gets into the  Electronics school soon! He’s always best when he’s keeping busy, body and/or mind. At this point, he’s working out at yard daily – lifting weights. But other than that he’s pretty bored.



  1. My fingers are crossed and so are my toes! Its disturbing to me that so many addicts are sitting in jail like criminals when they could be getting treatment of some sort and learning to live a productive life. The least the jails and prisons could do is provide some training and education.

  2. How wonderful for J. that he will have something to exercise his bright mind and give him an opportunity to be proud of himself. Too often, my son couldn’t find one thing to feel good about since any -ism usually brings chaos and hurt. Any chance for these kids to accomplish good things for themselves is a blessing, imho. I especially love the promises of AA (pgs 83-84).


  3. Reading the Big Book of AA is something that I do on a regular basis even though I am not alcoholic. There is so much in that book and every time I read it, I swear that something has been added. Glad that you are reading it.

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