Posted by: addictionstinks | October 26, 2010


J’s latest inspirational song. He does have an MP3 player, so he can listen to music. Last week he called me and told me to listen to this new Eminem song. Eminem is an addict,  recently clean. I believe his drug of choice was Vicoden. Anyways, after almost killing himself by OD-ing on Methadone (he took the pills not even knowing what they were – a “friend” gave them to him!) he spent time in rehab, relapsed, and is since clean again and sticking with it.

You need to get past all the swear words, but nonetheless there’s a good message in there. And this is what the kids are listening to. So if they’ll listen to Eminem tell them the following, then that’s awesome:

“I’m not afraid

To take a stand.


Come take my hand.

We’ll walk this road together

Through the storm

Whatever weather

Cold or warm

Just lettin’ you know that

You’re not alone.

Holler if you feel like you’ve been down the same road.”



  1. I actually have the entire Eminem Recovery CD on my iPod. After moving past the swearing (and he recently said in an interview that the language is part of his art, but he does not allow swearing in his home in front of his kids) his words are very interesting.

  2. Oh wow, I have the entire Recovery CD on my iPod too. I admit I have been an Eminem fan for years. When he first came out I thought he was the most vulgar, violent, horrifying person. But then I “got it” and have enjoyed a lot of his music ever since.

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