Posted by: addictionstinks | October 9, 2010

Letter To Daddy

The relationship between J and his father has been very strained since this all started. They haven’t even spoken.

I think Scott’s father passing away had a huge affect on J, cuz he wrote his Dad a letter. Its a very nice letter, all about how he’d like to rebuild that relationship, but realizes its going to take time and effort by both of them. He’s remembering the good times in his letter – fishing with Dad, Dad teaching how to ride his bike in the church parking lot, working on the car in the garage with Dad. He admits to being able to remember these things now, where he didn’t before. Didn’t bother? Brain too clogged by drugs?? Whatever the reason.

Dad read the whole letter, and has said he will write him back. Step one in repairing the relationship. One of the things I miss the most in this whole crazy mess is seeing the two of them together. It would really warm my heart to see them be able to work out their differences.

Still no word on the Patsy break-up letter. It takes forever for mail to come in and out of prison, although I’m sure he’s gotten the letter by now. I’m still just a little nervous about what his reaction is going to be, although I really hope he’s starting to understand the deep meaning of FAMILY, and how much we all love him.

Its an absolutely spectacular day here in Chicago!! We’re about to head out in the Camaro – top down – and go find some Fall leaves. Enjoy your weekend!!



  1. Sounds like a really good thing. Enjoy the beautiful day.

  2. It will take time but I hope for both J and his Dad that they can eventually build a “new” relationship.

    Any oh by the way, I just spent all of last week in Chicago at a conference at the Hyatt Regency by the Lake. I didn’t get out much, but honest to goodness, the weather was breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. When I read your blog today, I thought of the word “hope”. Hope is what kept me going when I thought I had reached my end. My son’s relationship with his dad was strained when his dad passed away two years ago. While my son is doing better now, though still smoking pot and drinking, he has had a job now for 8 months, helps his grandmother, call me more and I hear a bit of gratitude in his voice, these things give me hope. It may all change tomorrow but I am grateful for each moment, each day, when I see my hope unfolding in those that I love.


  4. Mending relationships is always positive. It takes time and small steps and I am glad J reached out and that his dad responded. Good stuff!

  5. Enjoy your day!…J will recover from his break up with Patsy. What choice does he really have and he will have time to deal with all those feelings, so hopefully when he gets out he will be ready to deal with his life and get on with it.

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