Posted by: addictionstinks | October 5, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I have no idea what to title this post – LOL!!

I have asked Patsy to move out. Under the circumstances, I feel that is very necessary. The fact that her new boyfriend is also an addict, and that she had him in my home without my knowledge or permission was the decision-maker. As of right now, her stuff is still here, but she is not. I did take her to her dentist appointment yesterday. She had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. We made this appointment over a month ago, and I felt that I should keep my word and take her. So I brought her back to my house afterwards, where she stayed for about 10 minutes, before running off to her sister’s house cuz that’s where the new boyfriend was. I told her when she is feeling a bit better – over the pain from having the teeth removed – that she would have to get her stuff out of my house.

J is still stuck in segregation. Haven’t spoken to him in a couple of weeks now. He’s not allowed to make any calls while in segretation. Yesterday, Patsy got 3 letters from him – all in the same envelope. All about how he’s stuck in segregation, has nothing to do but think about her, how much he loves her, how they’re gonna get married when he gets out, how he’s done with drugs and criminal behavior, how badly he wants to hold her in his arms. Anyways, I guess the letters crossed in the mail – OOPS! Obviously this was all written and sent before he received her Dear John letter. Upon receiving the letters, Patsy opened them, and then simply tossed them aside, without reading them. They are still on my kitchen counter. Guess she’s over him!

He did say that they transfer inmates on Wednesdays, so fingers crossed that he gets transferred tomorrow!! I really want to speak with him on the phone, as I’m certain by now he’s gotten Patsy’s Dear John letter, along with the follow-up letter I wrote telling him how much we all love him and are here for him. I guess I just need to make sure he’s ok.

In doing my research into where they would possibly transfer him to, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will most likely be further away from me, rather than closer. Bummer! It was already a 2-1/2 hour drive to see him where he is now. Now its gonna be longer. There aren’t many state prisons in our part of the state – they are all in southern Illinois. The only other one that is closer is the one that his partner-in-crime is in. Don’t think they are gonna put them in together!! Oh well, this is just one more thing in this long line of craziness that is beyond my control.

Still really missing him, and now worrying about his well-being on top of it. This sucks!!



  1. praying for ya..

    i just told my wife either my son moves out or i leave for the month till he ships out.

    i need to protect my sobriety too.

    she is enabling him.. i am a pastor/drug counselor..
    you think she would listen to me..

    she did, he was out in an hour.. but all this still hurts..

    you are loved
    Brother Frankie

  2. I know that I’ll never quit being my son’s mother. No matter what he does, I will always love him, deep down and unconditionally. That said, when we ask him to leave last year, I knew that if I didn’t set some boundaries and get control back of my home, I was headed for one of three places, none of them good. I think things happen for a reason and the fact that P has now moved on is one example. just my .02 as a mom. ::lots of hugs, mom::


  3. Glad that the Patsy “issue” is resolved. Sounds as if you handled it well and that she was ready to leave anyway. Take care of yourself. It will all work out I believe. Perhaps J’s distance away from you will be a good thing for all.

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