Posted by: addictionstinks | October 1, 2010

They’re Picking On My Baby

Got a letter from J yesterday. Remember the whole fan incident? I’ll refresh: his old cell-mate, J broke the guy’s fan on accident. Ever since then the guy’s gangbanger buddies have been hassling J to pay the guy back. At one point they came in his cell and stole a bunch of J’s stuff. This was after J offered up a bunch of stuff to pay the guy back, but the guy kept saying NO.

Anyways, apparently they are continuing to pick on J, and the wardens have now put him in segregation for his own protection, and are putting in for a transfer for J. And doing an investigation on these 3 gangbangers for alleged extortion. J says that he is NOT in any trouble over this at all – they are just trying to protect him, as these guys are (were) all members of the same gang. Lovely.

I only hope they transfer somewhere a little CLOSER to me, not farther!

Also hoping that since I’ve mailed the “Dear John” letter from Patsy, that he actually gets it! When they transfer inmates, and the mail has to follow, sometimes it doesn’t get there at all, sometimes it takes forever for it to follow them to their new place. Time will tell.



  1. It sounds like a prison which is what it is. Not a good place to be. Consequences can be hell. Keep the focus on you and your life. J. will deal with his own.

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