Posted by: addictionstinks | September 8, 2010

Fun At My House (this one’s for you Syd)

Syd’s comment on my last post: “I’m more interested in you and your life. J has his own life. What about yours?” So here ya go, this is my life tonight.

My middle son Dann, and Patsy decided they wanted a cake for dessert. They of course tried to get ME to make it for them – oh no!! I told them they could do it themselves. Let the fun begin!!!

Attempt #1 – a boxed cheesecake. Simple, right? Bwaaah haaa haaa! Dann dumped the graham cracker crumb crust into a bowl, added the sugar and melted butter, and then proceeded to pour the 1-1/2 cups of milk into it!! DUH!!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!!! In the garbage it goes.

Attempt #2 – a boxed yellow cake. We’re not sure what happened here. They were beating it with the mixer and it just would not thicken at all. Dann SWEARS he didn’t put too much water in. I swear otherwise. Its now been baking for about 10 minutes longer than it was supposed to, and its still soggy. FAIL!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I”ve been laughing hysterically all evening at these two clowns. We’re really having a lot of fun here, even if we don’t get dessert.

My waistline will thank me tomorrow.

So there you have it Syd. I have a life, and a fun one at that!



  1. I love it. Those are the moments to laugh about. It is about you and what you are doing and feeling. I appreciate it that you wrote about your life.

    I had to learn to focus on me and not what others were doing around me. It is a different way of thinking but it really helped me to get better.

  2. Chuckling with you!


  3. Soggy cake anyone??? lol I miss goofy kids in the house! They’re so much fun 🙂
    But there is my husband… he was “making me a birthday cake” (from a box) a couple years ago. I said, “Do you want me to help?” He said, “I don’t need your help, I’ve been making cakes longer than you’ve been alive.” (He’s 14 years older than me.)
    Walked by later watching him struggle with something that looked nothing like cake batter. I coughed and said, “Eggs.” (hint!) lol
    Thanks for sharing some humor!
    God bless.

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