Posted by: addictionstinks | September 7, 2010

After All That…

J went to the hearing for the ticket for the hot pot yesterday, and after all that worrying about it (by him, not really me), it all turned out.

Apparently they asked if he removed the screw, to which he of course said, “No.” Then the hearing officer left the room to go find the hot pot to see if it was altered, and he couldn’t find it. Wonder where it disappeared to?? At any rate, they certainly can’t convict with no evidence, so they sent him away. Now of course he’s hoping they don’t find it after all.

This all seems like such banal crap to have to write about, but I guess that’s his life right now. Not much to report when somebody is in prison, but I want to keep this blog going, cuz someday he will be out, and then the real test will begin. Can he stay clean? Can he get a job? Will he marry Patsy? Will he straighten out all of the messes he’s made? Stay tuned….

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep writing about his stupid stuff in there, just so you guys don’t forget who we are!  🙂



  1. Believe me, we won’t forget you!!

    I hear you on “the real test” for them starting after they get out. I’m rather enjoying the peace right now, though! 🙂 I’m also trying to self talk and remind myself it is my daughter’s real test…. not mine!

    Hang in there!! I love reading anything you write!!

  2. I am more interested in you and what you are doing to take care of yourself. J has his own life. What about yours?

  3. I have found that as I have let go of my son, my own life has unfolded in wonderful and unexpected ways. Miracles happen to people everyday, even those in time-out (that’s what I call jail for big people) ::hugs::


  4. I never forget you! This is like “As the World Turns” or J’s Days Of Our Lives” or “Another Addicts World” might work too. LOL I know what you mean about wanting to stay in touch because the true test might be coming.

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