Posted by: addictionstinks | August 20, 2010

Time Added On

So apparently when J went to court, it was for the charge that he was originally arrested for and spent 5 months in county jail for (I refused to bail him out). Since he then got into the drug program through the jail, and then got kicked out of rehab, they have called back that original charge. That’s what he had to go to court for a couple of weeks ago. He plead guilty and they said they would run the sentence concurrent. But since they didn’t put in the writ until 2 months after he was incarcerated, it has added 2 months onto his sentence. So now, instead of getting out in mid-June 2011, he will get out in mid-August.

Oddly, he’s not even mad. This is where it all gets weird. He’s so accepting of his circumstances!! He just says, “There’s nothing I can do about it. I did the crime.” This blows me away because for years and years I’ve always heard, “I didn’t do it… It’s not fair… I won’t get caught…yadda yadda yadda”. I’m so NOT used to this mature attitude!!! Its blowing me away!! I’ve NEVER heard J talk like this! Is it possible that he may be growing up a little bit???

Other than that, all is well here. School starts soon for my little one. And his tadpole died. Same old same old. Ya know, the stuff of everyday life.

God I miss J!



  1. Everything is for a reason…sometimes that’s the only thing to hold on to.


  2. I’m not surprised that he is not surprised, but frankly you are in a good place right now where you can continue to build your strength and knowledge without the daily drama and that’s a relief.

    Good luck with the start of the school year; and I assume tadpoles are replaceable? 🙂

  3. Maybe he is resigned to it. I don’t know if that is mature or not. Hang in there.

  4. I think it is resignation, as Syd said. Mine gets quite “comfortable” on the inside sometimes. She’s fed, has a place to sleep, a library, and letters to write/read. That and talking to 29 old/new best friends in her 30-woman tank at the OC jail. Prison has been a definite wake up call for her this time.

    I hope your little one gets settled in for a great new school year and I hope you get some time for you somewhere in this! Hugs!

  5. God we can only hope! Say a prayer my J grows up a little too!

  6. Madyson,

    I’ve been AWOL forever . . . working hard on the book, which has now gone to the publisher. I have been getting your updated posts via email and praying for you. I pray that this year in prison will work to help J grow up and take responsibility for his life. It sounds like he might be headed in that direction. Meanwhile, enjoy your other kiddos. Senior year for your daughter – Woot woot!

    Hang in there,
    Love you, Cheri

  7. OMG!!!! Color me STUPID! In my Inbox, the posts from “A Mom’s Serious Blunder” and “Addiction Stinks” ran together alphabetically, and I read them all and then responded. I did notice a change in subject matter, but it didn’t clue me in to the fact that I had switched “families.” DUH! What a dummy I am. I am so sorry!

    C, I do know your name is not Madyson, and I know you do not have a daughter who will be a senior in high school, but that you have three sons!

    Forgive me!

    At least we can be sure that when I pray, God doesn’t mistake who I’m praying for!


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