Posted by: addictionstinks | August 9, 2010

Educational Opportunities Down The Drain

The prison that J is in has a school there. He was going to take some business courses, and they would actually apply toward a degree in business. But now it seems, the governor of the state of Illinois, in all his infinate wisdom (NOT!) has decided to cut the funding for our prison school systems, which means that the school is now defunct. I am so incredibly pissed off about this. Apparently, our inmate population gets to simply sit there and pick their toenails for their entire sentence, as now it has been declared that we will not even attempt to educate them. Argh!!!

Not only that, but he’s put in THREE requests so far for the drug program, and is told each time that it is full, and there’s pretty much no hope that he will ever get in the program during his stay there. Argh!!!

Happy toenail pickin’ J!! Sorry these idiots running our state are too busy going on trial for trying to sell Obama’s senate seat, and now trying to figure out how to clean up said idiots mess he left behind, that they are leaving you in the dust!




  1. The governor there is particularly bad but every state seems to be in trouble economically. These are rough times for people who are out of work. I wish that things were better but prison isn’t a palace and maybe J is finding that out.

    • Syd – I certainly agree that prison should be no palace, and I don’t feel that educating our youth while in prison would make it so. What about building a sense of purpose, so that when they are released, they have SOMETHING to build the rest of their lives on in a positive way??? What about the teachers that were teaching those classes – SORRY, you’re out of a job, sucks to be you! I don’t believe that educating these kids is in any way namby-pambying them while they are there. College is hard work, studying takes dedication!! The college courses would start to teach these kids that they must take responsibility and get the job done – something almost ALL addicts are severly lacking! I know my son was perfectly content to sit on the sofa (NOT MINE!) and do absolutely nothing, until that high wore off and he had to go figure out how to get high again. That was his life. There was no purpose, no responsibility, no job he had to do. He got his money by breaking the law – stealing from people. I don’t see how these kids CHOOSING to take classes (they choose, they are not forced) could in any way make them think prison is easy!! Sorry, dumb response on your part.

  2. I join you in your anger and disgust on this. Its amazing to me what they are willing to cut and how it impacts so many lives, the community, the country the whole dang world. I’d like to see the salaries off the people cutting drug programs and educating inmates. Letting someone sit in prison wasting their time rather than giving them a chance to learn and grow is one of my biggest pet peeves. Sure – maybe a dude with a murder charge and a life sentence doesn’t need a college education but we all know what type of people are filling up our jails – our children who got involved in drugs!

  3. The stupidity of the government is a never ending story that leaves nothing but a trail of tears and ashes. This kills me.

  4. It’s funny (ironic funny, not haha funny) that there was a time when I would not have given it a second thought to cutting a prison program. I always thought that the money should be spent on programs long before prison where we could get troubled youth and “untrouble them” before they ended up in prison. I thought that once they were there, it was too late.

    Of course, I’ve become educated and exposed and I no longer feel that way. But the truth is, our prison system is not the way we should be dealing with addiction (it hasn’t worked so far, has it). We need the medical community, the religious community, the educational community to all step up together in unison, and work on the issues of addiction so that we can keep addicts out of jail…they don’t get better there, generally speaking, and as a country we are spending billions of dollars to house them and perpetuate the problem.

    And I am sorry for J…doing nothing will not help him in moving forward.

  5. My daughter is running into the same thing. It took 90+ days for her to even get assigned to a final cell address. Now she’s been told that since it took so long, she isn’t going to be there long enough to take classes. She could have, had they processed her through in say, 30 days?, managed to complete her associate degree. She only lacked two basic classes. As it is, she has sat on her derriere, written letters, and played hangman with soap on the windows, with her roommates. Oh, and run for an hour or more daily. She’s had no counselling so far, no drug treatment/education. She’s been through a litany of medication trials for her bipolar symptoms. But she’s going to come out no more prepared to stay sober than she went in. How does that help our society? I’m sorry J. is not getting help/classes/prepared for re-entry.

  6. im all over the place on this…

    i have been inside myself.. (wasnt always a preacher)

    but, statistics show all these programs do very little for the majority of participants.

    prison/jail are not places of free school and rewards. id rather see the good kid on the block get the scholarship $$ and be rewarded for not getting locked up.

    i would rather see it spent elsewhere.

    i do see your point and probably would argue your side at one time..

    now, if there was a way for a con to work off the debt while on the inside wouldn’t that make it all worthwhile? (instead of these gifts). what an accomplishment..


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