Posted by: addictionstinks | July 28, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

J’s girlfriend Patsy came to me this morning and said, “I need to talk to you. I’m thinking about breaking up with your son.” Apparently she had just found out last night that he had cheated on her yet again.

If you remember, after he had gotten kicked out of rehab, failed his urine drop, and missed a court date, he went on the lam. He knew the police were looking for him, so he was hiding out at a friend of Patsy’s sister’s house. There was some girl there named Ashley that he alledgedly slept with. Ashley’s friend (also a friend of Patsy’s) was there, and told Patsy last night. Her comment to me was “I am done. I’m tired of all of this.” Well, honestly, ITS ABOUT TIME!! Her only worry was that I would be mad at her!! Seriously?? For what?? SHE didn’t do anything wrong!! HE DID!! Of course I told her that I would NOT be mad at her AT ALL, and that I really don’t blame her for finally coming to her senses and dumping him. Of course, I’ll feel badly for him. After all, he’s all alone in prison, and now his girlfriend is dumping him. I feel bad, but he deserves it!!

Anyways, kudos to Patsy, cuz she wants to go and see him, and do this in person, rather than simply writing him a “Dear John” letter. At least she has the balls to face up to him. It would be so much easier to just write the letter and get it over with. She honestly does NOT wish to face him to do this, cuz she knows he’s gonna try to lie his way out of it, and do the “Baby I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again” crap like always. But its important to Patsy that she speak to him in person, so she can let him know that she loves him, she just doesn’t like the man that he’s become, and she’s not willing to be with that man anymore.

Intersting times ahead. If I know J, he’s gonna flip.

We reap what we sow…



  1. I think that he will manage to talk her out of the breakup. Just a hunch. Alcoholics/addicts are masters at manipulation and know how to shift responsibility. I would do the letter and stay away. JMO.

  2. Hopefully she can stay strong and not buy into the manipulation. Don’t be surprised if she folds though. I did it with my ex-husband for over 11 years! Over and over. Best of luck to her…

  3. drama drama follows addicts. when your son and his friends jump on board the drama train, STAY HOME.

  4. I have to agree with Syd and Dawn on this one, she should just write the letter IMO as he will pull out all the stops to change her mind and twist things up so she will be confused and start doubting herself. I just don’t think anything positive can come from her telling him to his face while he is in prison. I know for my son, most of his girlfriends were just enablers to him and he did not show them much love or concern for their interests or feelings.

  5. the drama that follow addicts is amazing to me. don’t they get tired of it? apparantly not. 2 months ago when my son and his girlfriend broke up he dealt with it by crashing his car into a tree and rolling it several times. he thought this was an appropriate response for breaking up with a girl. that accident led to prescription pain pills and you know the rest of that sad story.


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