Posted by: addictionstinks | July 1, 2010

Quick Update

I haven’t written anything in almost 2 weeks, so I thought I would give a quick update.

J is doing okay I guess. Haven’t heard much from him. For some reason if he tries to call me, the call won’t go through. And he hasn’t written.

The last time I spoke to him, he was telling me that he had to take some sort of test to see if he is able to handle the college courses that he can take while in jail. The highest score acheivable is a 12.9. Guess what he got?? A 12.9. Not surprising, as my son is highly intelligent (documented by IQ tests, not just a mommy – LOL). So much wasted potential! I think this is my biggest hurdle to get over as far as accepting that my child is an addict.ย  You see, I knew early on that J was “different”, “gifted”. I took him to have him IQ tested when he was 8 or 9 years old, and he did test out as having a very high IQ. I just can’t get past the fact that all of this God-given intelligence has gone to waste for so many years. My highly intelligent son is a high school dropout, with a GED, who became a drug addict, who is now in prison. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me!!! Why would anyone lay waste to such huge potential???

Thank God for other 2 highly intelligent boys!! They pick up J’s slack, and achieve good things! But still…

Patsy is working at her new job. Unfortunately they are not giving her many hours. Only about 8 hours a week right now. They’ve said that they aren’t very busy. I really think they just like Patsy and want to give her a break, but they don’t really “need” her to be there. In the meantime, she is still looking for another job to fill in the gaps. She applied at PetSmart, and will be talking to the manager there today. Fingers crossed!! I’m guessing they would give her more hours.

Next week we will be leaving for a much needed vacation!! I can’t wait!! We’ll be hooking the Jeep Wrangler up to the back of our RV and heading west for a couple of weeks. We’ll be visiting Colorado, Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. I just love RV camping!! Last year was our first year with the RV, and we took it for almost a month and went to the west coast – to Seattle and then on down the coasts of Washington, Oregon and Northern California. It was a beautiful trip, and I really didn’t want to come home!! Darned jobs!!! I have a blog that I set up last year to chronicle our trip – which all my friends and family REALLY enjoyed reading!! So this year I will do it again. You can read about last year’s trip, and follow along on this year’s if you’d like, here:

We leave next Thursday. Not soon enough – LOL!! In the meantime, I’ve got about a million things to do to catch up at work. Wish me luck!!




  1. Just finished reading some posts from your last trip — sounds like it was so much fun. I’ve never thought about going RV camping before, but I might have to consider this now ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to reading about your travels.

    Also, I’ll also keep my fingers crossed for Patsy!

  2. I’d love to live in Jackson Hole, WY – So gorgeous. If I ever make some money that’s where I will be going to escape! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I hope that you enjoy your trip. I would like to do the RV equivalent with a sailboat and go to different ports.

  4. Your trip sounds great! I will definitely check out your last trip. I can relate to what you said about J…when my J was in jail I felt very sad at times…although I felt that perhaps that was the path he needed to be on at the time to learn…I never gave up hope that he would eventually turn things around!

    Anyway…still praying for you and J!

  5. Your trip sounds wonderful. I hope you fully enjoy it!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Patsy and I’ll keep praying for you and J.

  6. Thanks for the update! So I’m guessing they’ll allow the highest scorer to take the college classes??? Even with his current situation, it still has to feel good that he scored a perfect score on the testing. Maybe a class will really interest him in something to work toward when he is released.
    Have a great vacation! Jealous – my big dream is to someday go to Yellowstone! Your trip sounds awesome. I’ll check out your other blog.
    God bless & have safe travels.

  7. Hi. I read this the other day and have been thinking about you.

  8. Have so so so much fun! RVing with my family would put me over the edge.LOL

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