Posted by: addictionstinks | June 9, 2010

Super Crazy Week!

My goodness, its been such a crazy week. Work is super busy right now (if only I could figure out how to actually MAKE MONEY at this gig I’d be happy!) Lots of graduation parties, baby showers, 4th of July parties in the works.

Friday I will be taking Patsy to talk to the college. I had a long talk with her teacher from high school yesterday. This is going to be a really rough climb for Patsy to get to where she wants to be. Perhaps even a couple of extra years.

Being as how I am not schooled in learning disabilities, I thought it would be prudent to speak with someone who knows more than I do. That’s why I called her teacher. She informed me that Patsy has a learning disability across the board – in all subjects. This was probably caused by poor prenatal care (ya think!), as well as a severe lack of stimulation as a baby. Damn her mother!!! If this was ADHD, I could throw a pill at her to make her be able to pay attention. This is not the case. It goes much deeper than that. Her advice was to sign her up for ONE class at college right now, and see how she handles it. Its gonna be really tough for her to accomplish her goals. I’m NEVER gonna say that it will be impossible!!!!!!

In the meantime, she’s been applying for jobs at several different places. And I’ve got her signed up to start Sunday volunteering at a local horse barn. They do therapeutic horseback riding for kids with disabilities (autism, cerebral palsy, etc.) My nieces have been volunteering there for years, and at one time, before he became to cool J used to volunteer there too. He LOVED riding the horses!! One of my saddest regrets is that he ever quit going there. Its a great facility, staffed by awesome people. Anyhow, Patsy will start on Sunday and volunteer there probably a couple of days a week.

My goal is to keep Patsy so busy, that she doesn’t have time for all the drama that would otherwise surround her. Wish me luck!



  1. It sounds really good. I’m glad that you have an interest in Patsy–but not losing yourself in trying to fix her either. It is a balanced approach which helps me the most. And the idea of the horses is great. Animals can help heal in so many ways.

  2. awesome on your part and what a blessing for Patsy. i do agree w/ Syd though…as I always seem to with his wise words. Meanwhile,…just as another side thought from the teacher part of me,….Patsy could very well have learning disabilities and ADD or ADHD,…as in both. And..her last teacher also could very well not be aware of that, if Patsy’s never been evaluated for it. It would be well worth her while to get that also checked out, and if she does, be treated,…using medication. It can help SO much,…as in, night and day, even with learning disabilities too. Patsy is being given so much more than she knows. Hope it goes well.

  3. wishing you all the luck in the world 🙂

  4. I think that Patsy is one lucky young woman to have you in her life!! Accomplishing her goals may not be as easy as it is for some but the fact that she set these goals for herself tells me that this is what she wants and I think that’s going to go a long way in her suceeding!! We are all pulling for Patsy!! Keeping you, J and Patsy in my prayers!!

  5. I just sent out an updated prayer request for Patsy to the Glass House prayer partners. I know it will be an uphill climb, but just remember that Patsy has a better chance now, with you and your family encouraging her, than she ever would have had before. And with God, all things are possible!

    God bless you all,

  6. Patsy is a very lucky young lady and you are one very special woman!

  7. Our middle daughter (one of my step-daughters) has a learning disability – across the board – it’s a severe auditory processing disorder. (Growing up animals were a sanctuary for her). Community college was “okay”, I agree with the teacher about starting with one class. “E” took a couple and it was HARD work for her and she didn’t pass or finish all. BUT, she found her place in a small technical school for massage therapy – she sat in the front row center of her 15 or so student class from 8-3 each day for 4 months or so and EXCELLED – highest grades in the class!!! And let me tell you – she gives AWESOME massages – she is so skilled at it and knowledgeable. My point is, Patsy probably has “that thing” too where she can really excel, it will just be a matter of her finding it – and that is what “E” did – she found it herself and we supported her (financially) so she could make it a reality.
    Praise God Patsy has you – what a blessing you are/will be to her.
    God bless.

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